Wilson Language provides several reading programs to meet the individual student's needs in the area of reading, spelling, vocabulary, reading fluency, and reading comprehension. Mrs. Denver is a certified Dyslexia Practitioner who has been trained by the Wilson Language Academy to deliver high-quality instruction in the following Wilson Language Literacy instruction models:


Fundations: Designed to reduce the number of children who later need intervention by providing your child with a strong literacy foundation. This program is recommended for students in kindergarten to 3rd grade.


Just Words: Designed to give targeted skills to help students who are struggling with reading unfamiliar words and spelling. This program is for students in grades 4-12 who are decoding (reading) and encoding(spelling) below grade level.


Wilson Reading System: Designed as an intensive intervention for students who are struggling with a language-based learning disability/dyslexia. 

If you are worried about your child's reading abilities please contact Mrs. Denver to arrange a FREE Word Identification and Spelling Test (WIST). This is a normed-referenced test that will assess your child's reading, spelling, and letter sound-symbol skills.  The test will indicate your child's age and grade level performance in the areas of reading, spelling, and letter sound-symbol recognition.